This small congregation is made up of people from various backgrounds who discovered the Reformed faith, formed a congregation, and after some years came into contact with the IRBs. They requested to be taken under the care of the Church at Recife until such time that a Church Council could be organized. For the time being, the missionaries give the local leadership support.

The most populous city in the interior of the state. The lands that today form the city of Caruaru were originally a cattle ranch.

The main economic activities in Caruaru in industry (especially textiles), tourism, commerce, and handicrafts, and in the primary sector, especially the raising of goats, chickens, and cows, and the production of milk. Agricultural activity in the Caruaru area also includes beans, manioc and corn. Caruaru also hosts one of the biggest open traditional and handicrafts markets of Brazil, the Feira de Caruaru.